Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Bin Labels

          One of my favorite YouTubers is Clutterbug! One of the reasons that I love her is because she comes right out and says she is a hot mess! She doesn't just show you beautiful spaces and act perfect. In some of her videos her bird is going crazy in the background. At the end of her videos she always has a little extra tip or funny story. Most of the stories are about her doing or saying something silly or making a mistake. I like the idea of someone that is that transparent! However, her channel still offers some great cleaning tips, organization/decoration tips, mom hacks, and DIY's!
          One of the unique concepts she talks about are clutterbugs! She says everyone has a different organizing style and simplifies them with the bugs. There are crickets, ladybugs, butterflies, and bees! Two of the bugs crave less visible stuff in a room. Two other bugs prefer that most of their things are visible at all times. She also describes how to organize a home that contains multiple bugs. One method to organizing a home with both a visual and non-visual bug in it, is to use LOTS of labels. Labels are an easy way to tell what is in a bin or basket or cabinet. But you don't have to see the stuff you are storing. Here's an example in the cube storage for my office area.

          Here is a close up of one of the labels.

          I used Scotch Self-seal laminating pouches. No machine required! I also made labels for my son's room. It is Totoro themed! The first time I used velcro dots to attach them. I also just cut them out of paper. BAD IDEA!!! He ATE them!! So I remade them and laminated them. I also used industrial strength velcro strips to attach them to the bins! We will see if they survive! Here is a picture of the final product.

          Here is a close up of one of the labels.

          My husband and I are the ones using these labels to put his clothes away. If I were making these labels for him to put away toys. I would have made pictures on the labels not just words. Almost all children need very visual reminders if you have any hope of them putting away toys!
I hope this post helps you get organized. But more so I hope it inspires you to take a second and a small budget and add a little cuteness/beauty as you do!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


          Recently my husband's family went camping. They do it every year as a family reunion. Each family contributes food and then we share everything. My husband likes to make kebabs. This year he went to Sam's Club to get the meat and veggies. It sounded like a good idea. We usually need a lot. Sam's would have bulk meat for cheaper than the grocery store. The problem with Sam's Club however, is that it tricks you into thinking you need more of everything than you actually need! We bought WAY too much meat! So I come home with all these left overs and I have to get creative! How do I keep all this meat from going bad?
          That my friends is the beauty of the frozen casserole! But this took an enormous amount of prep time and effort! I had to cut the chicken and the beef into chunks. Thank the Lord that I own some good knives. Otherwise, my hands would have fell off! These pans are the super deep roasting pans. I had a full one of chicken and a half full one of beef! Beware of the Sam's Club TRAP! 
           Here is a picture of the cut chicken, bacon bits and mushrooms I used in the TWO chicken casseroles I made in roasting pans.

          I also added cheddar cheese to the casseroles and topped them with another layer of cheese. Also all the meat was marinated for a day in Allegra. So it was super tasty! Here is how they looked!

          It was extra good with a little sour cream on the side! Freezing them gave us extra time to eat them without getting sick of having the same thing over and over. You can also cut the casseroles into smaller servings and freeze those. Then you can feed one person!

          Lastly I made a beef one. I topped it with Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar chips crushed into crumbs! I also used the left over veggies in this one!

          I think they were pretty good considering I didn't have a recipe! 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

How I Use My Create 365 Daily Pages

          All planner girls use a weekly spread. Lots of them also use a monthly view. Planner moms almost always use both! It is the only way to keep up with everything! I am a mom. But I also know that I am unorganized and undisciplined. I am easily distracted. I am very good at procrastinating. I often talk myself into believing that my child limits my productivity more than he does in actuality. I often think tasks take longer than they actually take to perform. I have found that two things motivate me. One is seeing space. Doing whatever task will make the most visible difference first helps me keep going. For example, If I'm doing dishes, I do the big pans first! Then I will wash the medium sized cups and lastly the silverware! The second thing that motivates me is making a detailed "To Do" list. For example, I don't just write "laundry." I write "1.Match socks and put in drawer. 2.Start load of towels." The makes the HUGE task of laundry less intimidating. It also gives me more items to check off and makes it seem like I got more accomplished. It also makes it easier for my husband to see how long I worked on different tasks. Imagine that you are a husband who has been hard at work all day. If you come home and ask your wife what she did all day and all she says is laundry, you are going to really feel like she is lazy. You are going to think that she is laying around all day while you bust your butt to earn an income. But if you come home and see her planner laying out with a huge "To Do" list checked off and a visibly clear space, you will feel grateful that your wife has worked so hard all day.
          So how do I make sure I attack the things that will make a big visual difference? Well to do that I need to make daily priorities. So how do I keep myself from procrastinating? An hourly layout helps me plan my day and be sure I stay on task. Plus planning my hours helps me realize over time how long tasks actually take to complete. Often I find they don't take near as long as I imagined! Those of you who saw my Happy Planner Plan with Me, you will be aware that my weekly spread is vertical, not hourly. So how do I plan hourly, to do's, and priorities? Why with daily pages of course!
          So how about you guys. What types of spreads do you use? Do you use daily pages? Do you use other inserts like full sheet checklists? Or maybe you re-purpose some inserts. Tell me how you stay productive in the comments below!

Friday, March 16, 2018

My First Plan with Me!

          I know that all new experiences are learning experiences. But sometimes learning those lessons can be heartbreaking.Especially when you are trying to create something beautiful for others!
          Filming anything in our home with my son awake is impossible! That is not an exaggeration. He has a happy squeal that you can hear outside in the yard! Sometimes if I film when he is asleep, my voice wakes him. I don't mean that I am loud but the familiarity of my voice. Maybe I could film easier if our house was bigger or better insulated. This was such an issue that I set up a place to film in my van! Because of time limitations I had to film in small increments. After I filmed the first part I went to watch the video and realized my phone had rotated the footage sideways in a vertical orientation. I was heartbroken. I couldn't take up all my stickers and start over! I turned off rotation, remounted the phone, and started again. I explained what had happened to the camera and recapped that part of the spread already complete. I planned and little more. Then I decided to stop and check my phone camera. Some how it was still rotating the footage. I took the SD card out and put the footage in my video editor. The editor turned the footage back to a horizontal orientation. The problem was that both the rotated and un-rotated footage was rippling like a road blurs on a hot day. I googled the problem and changed my camera settings the way the forum suggested. After filming the last of that week's spread, I again reviewed the footage. It was just as rotated and bad as the rest. Finally I hooked up my DSLR to my tripod and tried filming while my son was asleep. The camera was great! So I filmed a post plan video. I should have just pulled out the nice equipment the first time. Besides, you guys deserve the best!
          At least now I know where, when, and how to film my next Plan with me! I am excited to plan and share with you guys! I also hope you can learn from my mistakes! Happy Planning! Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It Ain't All About the Money! (Why I Do This!)

          I know that some people are just making YouTube videos because they like the attention. I know that some people are making them because they want to make money. Some YouTubers just want to get subscribers. They like the status and being famous. Some people are just into the numbers. They want to be able to say that they have X amount of subscribers.
          Then there are people that make videos just for fun or to share with others. They don't even care if they make money or if they are famous. If they had 2 loyal subscribers they would keep making videos. Some people don't care if they have ANY subscribers. For them YouTube is a journal or scrapbook of their life. I have seen a few people with large channels that started their channel as a school project or to meet study abroad requirements.
          I am none of these people and all of them! I like making videos! I think it is fun to film them! I am trying to be a stay at home mom. I need the income! In a way, I would like being famous. I don't want to be unable to go to the store. But, I would like someone to recognize me or to get big enough that people wanted to do meet ups! At this point, I would brag about the number of subscribers I had because it would be so few. Later, I would be proud to say I had X amount! It would mean that I was providing content that people wanted to see! Yes, YouTube will be a journal for me. Hopefully, sharing and helping others will make me feel like I am going through all this for a reason! Sharing and helping others will relieve a lot of my stress! It will make me feel good!
          Some people say all YouTube content providers are bad because we are trying to make money off of people. But a grocery store hopes to make money off people. No one thinks that the grocery store owner is bad. Maybe it is because he is filling a need. But that is just it. I hope that my channel isn't just entertainment. That I am not simply making money off people's tendency to fall down a YouTube hole. I hope that my content is entertaining but I also hope that it fills a need! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Planet ShanChan YouTube Launch!

          This blog is a place where I can write about anything on my mind at the moment. It is a place to talk to you guys about the things currently going on in my life. It is a journal. It is a way to help others going through the same things. It is a way for us to form sort of an online family!
          Now that family will be expanding! I have created a YouTube channel that will be a companion to this blog! I am so excited about this news! Now we can communicate in both formats. Plus, I have so many things to share with you guys. Some of it I really thought a visual was just easier to understand. But all video posts will still be accompanied with a corresponding blog post.
          I struggled to try to decide on a post schedule. In the past I would say I would post and life would happen..I think you guy deserve better. So this time I will be very real with you guys. I hope to post at least once a week. But again that may not happen. So I will just say that I will post when I can. If you want to be sure not to miss anything, then subscribe and hit the bell to receive notifications when I post. In fact, I am filming a short video on this subject. So stay tuned you guys, lots of good things coming down the pipeline!

Monday, February 27, 2017


     People are always shyed away from Christianity by the idea of submission. Women especially, because they are supposed to submit to God and their husbands.
     Women think that submitting to their husbands makes them weak. They think somehow it makes them worth less than their husbands.
     No one likes the idea of submitting to God. No one likes to think they aren't in control of their circumstances.
     All these issues with submission are trust issues. Women are afraid their husbands will abuse their power and look down on them. Women want to be seen as equals. Women may also not want to be a traditional housewife. Many women think that is part of submitting to a husband. But, this is misinformation. Submission is about a role and a mindset. Women are supposed to fufill the role of supporter to their husbands. How each husband needs supported depends on the man. For example, my husband and I decided to work to be debt free. My husband controls the money. But we both know our budget. However, recently he suggested we reduce our bills by cutting back our internet and changing insurance. I had to give up some online entertainment. I could have threw a fit and demanded we keep our current plan. But I submitted to his will because I trust him. I know he wants us debt free. Submission is a mindset that accepts someone's will for your life because you trust them.
     Trusting God's will for your life is harder. As a non-believer it is hard to trust someone you've never known. Even Christians can stop trusting God when life circumstances are difficult. When things are difficult we want to feel in control of our lives. Control makes us feel as if we can change our circumstances for the better. But we are supposed to SURRENDER control to God. We are supposed to trust that He has plans for us that are greater than we can imagine. Often He will not only lead us out of bad circumstances but use the sitiation to bring good into our lives.
     Trust really boils down to faith. Do you have faith in your spouse? As non-believer, you have to ask yourself if you believe that Jesus gave his life for you. If so, can you believe that same person would help you through your circumstances? If He would die for you, surely He would heal you. Or help you out of an abusive relationship. Or provide you a home. Or help restore your marriage.
     If you can trust your spouse, and God, you can submit to their will. It doesn't make you weak to be submissive. It makes you smart and strong!